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JJ Hicare Pest Management Services is an emerging industry leader with the latest technology to satisfy the special demands of customers. To continually better ourselves, we have a team of professionally qualified personnel who guide and supervise our trained technicians to provide international standard Pest Management Service. JJ Hicare believes in effective, responsible pest elimination less dependent upon chemical pesticides


We provide odourless and effective control crawling insects like Cockroaches, Silverfish, Spider and red &black Ants in this treatment and no need to vacate premises during and after the treatment.
It is highly effective, safe and most advanced technology for Cockroach control available in India. The JJ Hicare experts uses Gel treatment is latest and new technology has been developed which involves controlling the major Cockroach population within the premises by applying a Fipronil Gel like substance. Our Cockroach Management Services is safe, non-irritating and presents no hazard to the living environment. Gel treatment is long-lasting and highly effective treatment.

It is the highly effective, safe and the most modern technology for cockroach control available today in India. The JJ HICARE expert uses a new generation Imidacloprid based Gel. It is the new generation highly active, broad-spectrum insecticide. It controls target insects with a single feeding. It is effective in the control of roaches because these insects serve as carriers of the a.i. to harborages. It works through both ingestion and contact knocking down roaches that eat or simply touch the bait. One contaminated roach kills others where they live or breed. The active ingredient is also transferred to other members when they cannibalize dying cockroaches resulting in the death of further cockroaches. This effect is called “cascade effect”. The Domino Effect achieves colony elimination, but with faster visible results. Once they are applied, they will last at least 2-3 month or until the bait is consumed or destroyed.

Premise Details Annual Contract Special Festival Offer
( Unit wise) (3 Services/Year)Rs / Year Annual Contract (3 Services/Year)Rs / Year
1 Wooden Unit 2500 2000
2 Wooden Unit 3000 2500
3 Wooden Unit 3500 3000

After 3 units will be extra charged Rs.300 per unit.

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Owing to their wood-eating habits, many termite species can do great damage...


Woodboring beetles are commonly detected a few years after new construction...


Cockroaches are one of the most commonly noted household pest insects...


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